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We specialize in finding the right Technology Solution to meet your implementation, cost, and timeline.

Your I.T. Resource
With today's need for increasing demand for Technology we are here to be the resource your company needs.

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Technology is our passion, we are here to find a solution. Just ask us!

After years with a focus on I.T. consulting, a need was discovered for a Managed Service Provider and Break/Fix Support. My I.T. Place has been set up to sustain and complement BPS Inc in continuation of IT Consulting.

The vision of My I.T. Place is to focus on business I.T. services. We choose to establish and define a market segment for I.T. needs that directly support small to mid-sized businesses in their ongoing/day-to-day operations.

BPS Inc. still operates consulting services and specialty projects. The added benefit with My I.T. Place is there will be a clear service path after the project completion to offer clients.

My I.T. Place is a dba of BPS INC. BPS INC is founded on the philosophy that the needs of key demographics within business have fallen to the wayside by other companies. It is the goal of BPS INC to provide services and best practice business approach models to our customers. As the company grows, only individuals that hold these virtues will be selected to be a representative of BPS INC.

At BPS Inc. Some of the services offered include the following:

  • Network Design
  • Structured Cabling Installation Standards
  • Multi Site Public and Private Connections
  • Unified Wireless Design, Installation, and Management
  • Firewall Administration
  • Email Hosting, Spam Protection, and Fail Over
  • Server Administration
  • High Availability Hosting Solutions
  • Printing Solutions
  • PBX and VoIP Communication
  • Microsoft Windows Domain Support
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • Custom Software and Development Solutions
  • Design Systems and Solutions to Meet Specific Requirements

We believe that every business deserves the best care possible. That is why we have designed our business to support Your Business. We want to be there to grow and support your business.

My I.T. Place is proud to donate annually to the following charities: